Soft and Natural

The bath rugs are produced with Made in Italy raw materials (canvas, yarn and dyes) either of pure cotton (open-end and ring yarn), organic cotton, recycled cotton, viscose, bamboo and mixed fibers through 6 different Cobble tufting looms. Thanks to our experience and the machinery we use we are able to produce rugs of different shapes, sizes and designs. In addition to the wide choice available in our catalog, the rugs can be made with custom  designs and can be further enhanced by using embroidery and fabric applications. The rugs are dyed with direct, reactive or indanthrene color;  our color chart has a wide range of tonality but it can also be customized on request. On the back of the carpet there is the possibility to apply a special anti-skid material and one or more custom labels. Packaging can be complete in one of our standard solutions or at customer needs . Download the brochure "bath rugs"

Elegance and modernity

We believe that assistance is essential when purchasing a carpet, whatever the value is. This is the principle that our company, market leader for more than 45 years, has faced in the complex world of carpets. We consider ourselves  not has traders but rather "artisans with the passion of carpets " and we are always looking for new ideas, methods, fibers and styles;  in our retail you will find a space of 3000 square meters with modern rugs, classic, kitchen, bath rugs and doormats.

Comfort and warmth

Our company since several years has included a large commercial space for wholesalers of home linen. The products ( medium and high quality) are mostly imported, but, through established relationships with the best Italian producers certainly we do not lack in "Made in Italy" articles. In our warehouse we have a wide range of bathrobes, baby articles, seat covers, mats, blankets, covers, sofa covers, mattress covers, pillows, handkerchiefs, pillowcases, pillows, aprons and matching gloves and oven mitts, cotton and flannel bed linen, plaids, wipes, sponges and towels, tea towels, rugs, tablecloths in cotton / pvc / stain-resistant, curtains , quilts, duvets and duvet covers, rugs .... We are always looking for innovation and quality in order to satisfy our customers.

With an eye to the future

Research in the textile sector and in textile machinery is under constant attention by Manifatture Pezzoli, both through the implementation of new technological solutions (with particular concentration to the analysis of new materials), and the development of projects with a high value added that can be implemented together with other stakeholders (business, institutions and universities).